Moral Value and The Government

The government should definatly have some sort of moral value.  As the governemtns responsibility it is in their duty to set laws for us to follow in making sure that we live in a structured safe place.  In our right of freedom of speech comes freedom of expression.  Although we must abide by the rules that are enforced to us, that has nothing to due with the moral values of our government in which we are following.  As long as we agree and understand the reasons for the laws that the government is enfocing what their moral value is should not matter.  Not all people in a certain area have the same moral values and it is that certain area of all differnt beliefs who pick the government.  In my opinion, a government is just a fancy word.  A word that makes a group of important people sound higher than us.  I agree that everyone has their own moral values but disagree if it has to do anything with government.  Just like the seperation between church and state i think the governments own moral values should not effect the people.


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Out of all of the people weve studied and discussed in class this semester i enjoyed Mill the most.  I feel Mill was one of the easier people to both follow and understand.  His examples were clear and to the point.  This class was a lot of fun- i wish i could have taken it at an earlier time.. its a little ruff at that time in the evening.  But Boone you were great always funny and always made sure we completly understood what you were talking about before you moved on. Thanks!

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Thinking like Aristotle…

  If i were to think like Aristotle when discussing murder he (I) would say that “Moral virtue implies that the action is done (3) by choice: the object of choice is the result of previous deliberation” (Aristotle 142). Murder is immoral, it is an act done with horrible intensions but by choice.  I feel as if Aristotle would want us to do the right thing instead of listening to our conceince as others would say.

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Social Contract

In my opinion, all people who can make decisions for themselves are members of the party to the social contract.  I think children are also in the category.  Even though most children cant make decisions for themselves, or by themselves.. it is the children who are the future and will one day be making up a social contract of their own.  When one decides to leave a particular contract they are most likely joining another to better the lives of themselves and their families.

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State of Nature

 When discussing Hobbes’s conception of the state of nature, I think he is right that human nature, combined with the finiteness of the world’s resources, will necessarily lead to a state of war.  And that the state of nature would really be the worst situation.  All humans are animals and no matter what it takes we will fight for our lives.  If our resources were finite it would causse nothing but complete chaos..  But with chaos comes ruies.. and the power of higher authority but unfortunatly i think if that was the case authority wouldnt even matter.. people would stop caring about their loved ones and just worry about themselves..

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Kant and Mill

As i read through both Kant and Mill their wording and speech was really hard to understand.  If i had to pick one of the two – Kant is easier than Mill to read.. and pretty much understand as well.  But underneath their percfectly structured sentences is confusion.  Mill makes the example ..if a murderer is at your door tell the truth.. while Kant goes on to say steel the candy bar…   if noone sees it your in the clear.. To me.. they both are wrong- What weve been talking about makes Kant sound wrong.. and that he is totally contradicting himself.  Both have radical problems. If i were to choose one of the two men that is easier to swallow it would be Kant.

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Self-Love & Rationality

As we discussed in class… rationality requires us to desire the cultivation of useful abilities.  I also agree and belive that rationality requires self interest.  In order for someone to do somethingg they have to have at least a little bit of self interest involved.  Along with rationality comes self interest and self love.  Like the example we used in class…suicide..if everyone started comitting this horrible crime, whether it was caused of an illness, or simply depression, the entire human race would slowly die off, or Erics deer example..Goodness lies in a good will..  But this theory could use some revisions.. Kant could of did a better job!

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Categorical Imperative…

In Kant’s view it is obviously immoral to cheat on an exam.  This applies to everyone without any exception.  Kant believes that actions are performed for a reason.  The diagram we discussed in class stated- the inclination was to pass… and the recommendation was to cheat.  Kant basically says if everyone in a class cheats on a test .. it would not work in the end.  The action of cheating on a test is immoral mainly because it cannot be universalized.

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Value of Happiness…

All living things are considered to have value. Right?? To me, personally as we discussed in class, i think everything has value.  Going along with Boones example of a chair having value to anything with an ass.. as to a book having value with someone wanting to learn.  People are made up of feelings, beliefs, and desires, but along with those intentions comes will, actions, and consequences. I would say that happiness has intrinsic value.  As long as something has a meaning it is put in the world to make someone or something else happy.. almost everything has a purpose it is our job to figure out how to use the resources given to us.

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Dear Mr. Mill…?

If i could ask John Stuart Mill one question about utilitarianism it would be:WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MEAN!?!?!?… As i read through his passages.. i was nothing but lost.  For me, (hopefully i am not alone) it does not seem like english.  When you dont understand something it is so hard to stay focused on that subject or even have the slightest intrest for it.  I honestly dont know what else i would ask Mr. Mill besides that.  If Mill were to respond to my fabulous question.. first and foremost he would probably think i am a complete air head.. and second i think he would respond by saying what exactly utilitarinism is? By saying the definition that Boone taught us.. -He would say it is the theory that moral consequences create overall happiness… actions that are good will raise the overall happiness of those around and bad actions will decrease the overall happiness of those around.. I would talk to him about how i agree with him that utilitarianism does require too much of people.. and i do think it is hard for people to go around everyday thinking of the consequences of their every action. which i still dont understand!  

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